My name is NATHAN BOEHNEN and I am a multi-media designer in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

I love viewing the world through the lens of design, playing volleyball and hanging with my wife and three kiddos. Mt Dew is my addiction, but my faith gives me the drive to do my very best at whatever it is that I am doing. I have a degree in Multi-Media Digital Art which laid a foundation of training to get into various arenas of marketing and design. My experience has brought me to express things creatively through not just a single form of design but through everything from page layout to motion graphics and 3d animation.


So why innate design?

Every person is unique, with their own innate abilities. Originally driven by a bad pun of putting the "nate" in "innate," the idea of expressing this design behind everything being the way it is on purpose, really started to stick with me.

I think if what you do isn't fun, you must be doing the wrong thing. To me, design is in everything so its not just my means of "bringing home the bacon," but its expressed in all sorts of ways. I have gleaned a ton of experience from doing many logos, t-shirts, websites, flyers, promotional campaigns, and videos for friends, my church, clients and corporate employers. It's exciting to gain experience in all those different environments, because you get to hear peoples stories, and you get to help them express those to the world.

I hope that all of those things will help me be the right person to help you express your story, or get your name out there, to organize and clarify what is really important to you and your intended audience. If you are curious how we might be able to work together, please shoot me a message!

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