Intercity State Bank is an independent community bank tries to approach things differently. Intercity has continued to provide the best personal attention to the needs of the citizens and local business community through the changing decades. They recognize that banking is about more than just money. It’s a relationship built on trust, working toward the common goal of building a better future.

The Project


I was approached to draft designs for a website refresh for Intercity State Bank. The style that had characterized their brand was slightly dated and they had recently developed an app with a freshened up color palette and logo. There were other visual elements that set the groundwork for the direction the site visually needed to go.

View Live Site

Banking is a hard arena to make interesting, and yet it something that everyone has to do. We have been to various different banks, with various experiences good and bad. So what can a website do to add to the good experience? For one thing, user experience design is a huge thing to consider and focus on. My goal with this site was to look at not just the aesthetic, but how can I best organize the information, clarify the navigation, make global the things that would be useful to be able to access from any page, as well as removing things from pages that don't add any value. Intercity is a great example of how this can be vastly improved upon.