Wausau & Marathon County Parks Foundation

The Wausau & Marathon County Parks Foundation is an amazing group that is majorly the ones behind many of the amazing parks in North Central Wisconsin. They came looking for a logo that would represent their overall mission of "promoting the common good and welfare of the people of Marathon County, Wisconsin" while also more tangibly representing the way they do that in protecting natural resources and bettering and adding to the existing park systems in the area.

In trying not to being too classic in imagery, we settled on the people figures making up the tree trunks themselves. It exudes the joy to experienced in visiting a local park and the way that people are the ones responsible in protecting the natural resources that we have for now and future generations. The logo is minimal to be used in a variety of fashions as well as help clarify in the simplest form the essence of this organizations goal of having a positive impact on the people and the trees.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats is an organization with the mission "To share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with women in the adult entertainment industry." They arose from the desire to do something about the issue of sex trafficking and general objectification of women in our culture. They bear the name Sweet Treats because they not only bring baked goods but the sweet hope of knowing that God made every individual unique and valuable. I did my best to visually make a light and playful logo and visual assets to support it.

Pine Grove Community Church

Pine Grove is a family-friendly, gospel-centered, Bible-believing church located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin. The first thing that you see when you go to Pine Grove is the scenic pine grove that the church is placed in the midst of. Tree logos are many, including my own so I wanted to come up with something a little more organic and still have an allusion to it being a church.

A Night of Mercy

I was approached by a friend who had cast some vision for an event to aid in the awareness effort of human trafficking and its affects in our world. She had a grungy dark and raw style in mind to match the nature of the topic she wanted to address. Pulling from the inspiration of great groups like the "End it movement," she wanted to reflect on the two sides of the coin that comes with being a person of faith. There is darkness and night, but there is also mercy. Even the smallest of candles shines bright in the darkness and so we pulled in that imagery to the logo and used it throughout the other visual assets. 

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Innate Design

Trees have always been my favorite. They are so organic and yet often symmetrical in their a-symmetry. They are an image of life, of thriving and flourishing. Its for this reason that I felt it spoke to my desire to flourish by doing what I am innately good at, while those areas of expertise could be used to help others communicate their story and find success in what they do well. 

Oasis Retreat Theme - Supreme Jesus

I was approached to very quickly come up with a theme for a conference for a local camp gathering of several youth groups. I wanted to make the simple text bold and emphasize visually the supremacy. The imagery that went with it was intended to strike as awe inspiring. 

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United Methodist Ministry

There are times when you are asked to recreate something in a very similar fashion to the original. The UMM logo fell into that category. Very simply as you can see, the intent was to use a reflection to add emphasis to the mission statement of the group. It was also a fun challenge to tactfully and respectfully make a variation of the denominations well recognized flame symbol.

Melissa Ann Photography

Melissa Ann Photography had asked me if I could find a typeface and make an accompanying mark that would represent her and her love of nature and all things organic. She is a very gifted artist and the stronger script typeface fit her eloquently.