Peterson Trumpet is an individual named Ben Peterson who specializes in the playing, touring and instruction of trumpet. From various teaching opportunities, writing a book, and many years of personal and Air Force band experience, he has a strong credibility in the performance community.

The Project


Peterson Trumpet had originally approached me with the task of giving the branding a refresh and designing and developing their new website.

Starting of with the logo, I tried to express a trumpet in its most simple form. Drawing a color palette from trumpets themselves, it gave a clean, professional look to match his amazing playing ability. From there, we developed a quick website with the basic intent of communicating his availability, experience, resources and breadth of wisdom from his experience.

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The branding actually came about from working with the client on the question "What does this look like?" Its not a normal question I would necessarily ask but there wasn't really any definition to a logo, colors, or even a style that I could work from. It seemed necessary to try and pull from the natural rounded nature of the trumpet to see if there was a way to incorporate the "P" for Peterson without making it too odd of a shape or just unrecognizable.

The website was the real meat of the project. Ben is really good at a lot of things and was proud of his previously self-built website, but he came looking for a little more expertise, something more visually engaging and with the ability to have more retention. The credibility that he deserves for his expertise, now looks that way with his site, and wont be an issue from an information overload. One of the areas of expertise that was well needed was the ability to see the website on a phone or tablet which of course is the standard of what I try to achieve to make sure he could get the most out of the site.