Peterson Trumpet is an individual named Ben Peterson who specializes in the playing, touring and instruction of trumpet. From various teaching opportunities, writing a book, and many years of personal and Air Force band experience, he has a strong credibility in the performance community.

The Project

Web Design  |  Development

I was approached to assist in the process of a website refresh for the United Way of Marathon County, which was a wonderful opportunity to work with a well developed brand and purpose. It was exciting to take a look into their standards and see what we could do to make their unique color palette, and diverse network they are to connecting and meeting the needs of the community that I am in.

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The unique thing with United Way is that despite great standards, websites fall into a window that isn't necessarily as defined. Looking into various United Way websites, even from just the areas I have lived in my life, came up with a large range of variation. My hope was to take good inspiration from some of the better designs that I had found, but elevating it as much as possible knowing it could more clearly communicate the needs of people in my own neighborhood and community.