Wausau Alliance Church is one of the many wonderful churches in the Wausau area. It is a part of a denomination called the Christian Missionary Alliance. That being said, they are very missional in their community as well as sending missionaries around the world.

The Project(s)

Branding  |  Motion Graphics  |  Photography  |  Web Design  |  Development   |  Visual Assets

As a member of Wausau Alliance Church, I have had the desire to use my design abilities to help not only our church but our community. I am currently Deacon with an emphasis on leadership within the areas of technology and graphic arts, and have found many ways to serve within these areas and beyond.

Below are just a few of the projects that I was able to help with to continue helping our church operate smoothly, communicate clearly, share peoples stories, and help people grow as individuals and families.

Kingdoms Vacation Bible School

After having purchased and put on various vacation bible school programs over the summer, Wausau Alliance had the the desire to create their own home grown them. Kingdoms is that theme. I was given the opportunity to collaborate with the leadership and various other volunteers to streamline some of the thought process and scope of the week and then developing the logo and other visual assets for all the collateral needed for promotion.

Wausau Kids - Children's Ministry

This is the original Wausau Kids banner for around the building. The artwork was originally conceptualized by someone in the church but they were unable to illustrate it in a way that would be flexible enough to print at the scale needed for the banners. Below is the end product of their concept with my modifications and the next page with variations on the trail theme for other banners that were desired to be created. I have additionally helped with other visual assets for print and social media.

Sunday school and youth group series graphics

Video & Motion Graphics


This video was a reflection on the beautiful stories of many families that have chosen to adopt a child from around the world to be a part of their family. There was so much more that could have been expressed or shown but it was intended for a certain number of families as well as a certain length which made it a challenge to fit everything within the concept that I had developed.

"Discipleship Stories" Motion Graphics

This series of videos was a fun way to take peoples stories and share them in just a few minutes. I primarily was involved in creation of the motion graphics (namely the intro, lower thirds and outro), but was also involved in filming of one of them in the series, along with creative direction and editing to aid in the teams effort.